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2018 Latest and Most Complete Mini Cooper Price

With a unique design and able to distinguish it from every passing car on the street. Even though the body is cute, the price of the Mini Cooper is considered premium, equivalent to the cost that must be paid to buy a luxury sedan from other brands. The cheapest Mini Cooper prices are priced at $38.250 of course everything that is wrapped in this car is certainly not kidding.

First released in 1959 by British Motor Corporation, the company that overshadowed the production of this car often changed hands until finally taken over by BMW in 1994 until now. Speaking of BMW that overshadows MINI at this time, it’s no wonder that all Mini Cooper cars and even the cheapest ones have extra power for a car the size they are. For the cheapest type, the Mini Cooper already has a 210km / hour top speed that can be achieved thanks to its twin-cylinder 3-cylinder 1.5L engine, one thing that can be said to justify the premium Mini Cooper Price.

Speaking of the type of car, there are several Mini Cooper models sold. There are at least 5 Mini Cooper models that can be chosen by most people, namely; type 3 door, 5 door, Countryman, Cabrio, Clubman, and John Cooper Works. All of this is wrapped up in its distinctive premium design and features, which of course fits the premium Mini Cooper Price.

The price of a Mini Cooper that is premium can be the reason some people choose to look for this car in a former condition. Of course in looking for a car must adjust the budget, and if indeed the budget is not enough, just save it again or look for another alternative. But if you are already ready with a budget that is in accordance with the Used Mini Cooper Price that we have summarized then it would not hurt to glance at this car as an option.

The price of used Mini Cooper like other motor vehicles varies depending on type, color variant, year, and location. From the results of our summary, the price of Used Mini Cooper fell in the price range of $21.174 – $64888 depending on type, color variant, year, and location. At the lowest price is the Mini Cooper from the years below 2010 and at the highest price is the Mini Cooper with the highest type and only a maximum of 1 year old.

The Mini Cooper Countryman is the third most expensive variant of the Mini Cooper family. With the price of the Mini Cooper Countryman, which is more expensive than other types, of course, coupled with the presence of features that are not present in other types. The features in this Mini Cooper Countryman include; Automatic Stability Control + Traction (ACS + T) which offers stability in accelerating on the highway and in winding roads. Not only that, this car is also equipped with Anti-block Braking System (ABS) which carries the technology of Cornering Brake Control (CBC) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBC) which is able to maximize security in braking.

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