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Face the Challenges of Future Cars, Mercedes Benz-BMM Collaborates

As we know that two German manufacturers, namely Mercedes-Benz and the parent company Daimler AG and BMW AG are indeed eternal “enemies” with a variety of competitive competition. However, it was only recently reported that the two manufacturers had the opportunity to take cooperative steps. News of the collaboration between the two rivals was announced.

Meanwhile, according to the news quoted from Bloomberg.com, the two premium car companies from Germany, certainly will establish a relationship by forming cooperation in terms of developing important components in the manufacture of the automotive industry. Examples include vehicle platforms, electric vehicle batteries, and autonomous technology.

That way, the existence of this report will automatically open opportunities for models such as the BMW 2 Series coupe models and Mercedes A-Class sedans to share things, for example like the same components. In addition, the composition applied will reduce development costs for next generation vehicles, prevent the late conventional models from following trends and survive from the invasion of competitors.

On the one hand, the actual communication and collaboration they have made comes after the sales report shows that both BMW and Daimler declined in 2018. Economic conditions such as trade wars and development costs also make consumers not get the cars they need.

The two companies themselves have targeted going into the electric car market. Not only that, it is also reported that later Daimler will add 10 models of electric cars for the next four years and BMW will add 12 electric models by 2025.

This step of cooperation also seems to be a trend in the automotive world. Volkswagen AG is in the process of negotiating with Ford Motor Co. to work together on van product development and autonomous technology that will partner with Microsoft.

Apart from that, actually the BMW itself had previously collaborated with Toyota in developing the Z4 and Supra models. Daimler has a machine that shares production with the Renault SA model and Nissan Motor Co.

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