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Glory 580 Made in Indonesia Start Exported

DFSK Starts Selling Glory 580 to the Asian Market. Not only Japanese manufacturers, even one of the new automotive manufacturers from China, seems to already have a fairly strong market share, one of which is DFSK. In fact, this Chinese manufacturer already has a factory in Indonesia which also starts producing cars to be exported to foreign markets.

Yes, indeed the manufacturer Dongfeng Sokonindo (DFSK) has started to carry out export activities for the Glory 580 model to several countries in ASEAN. The initial stage of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), which was none other than the result of assembled Cikande, Serang, Banten, was only sent to three countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

With regard to the beginning of this export activity, Co-CEO PT Sokonindo Automobile (DFSK) Alexander Barus also previously said that on a target basis, by 2019 it could export Glory 580 to 10,000-20,000 units.

Of course, the DFSK steps to export its cars from Indonesia as part of the company’s progress in the global market. Where, this is an evidence of market improvement or development that is quite effective in the midst of the dominance of the dominance of cars by Japanese manufacturers.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, based on the explanation of Permata Islam which in this case as General Manager of Marketing of PT Sokonindo Automobile also also said if the export activities had been carried out at the end of 2018 with a number of not many, around hundreds of units.

“Later there will be a ceremony for this export activity. This is also our commitment as a production base for countries in ASEAN, “said Permata recently in South Jakarta.

On the other hand, if you see the progress of DFSK through Glory 580 it is indeed quite surprising. Not without reason considering the new car can compete with several other cars that have a much stronger and wider market share. So, it is not impossible if DFSK is able to compete closely with Japanese manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda, or Daihatsu.

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