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Honda HR-V 1.5 Special Edition 2018 Review

The title HR-V itself has a pretty interesting history, starting with a pre-production car named Honda Vezel which was exhibited at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show ago. Seeing the positive response from the public to his masculine figure, then make Honda Japan start marketing this new model to be applied as the latest generation of Honda HR-V which debuted from 1999.

Display of Honda HR-V Facelift 2018 which has just been released on GIIAS 2018

This one product was selling well.  successfully selling 76,694 units in the first half of 2018. HR-V alone recorded sales of 139,228 units. However, this is clearly not a reason for complacency. Because four years is clearly the right time for model updates.

After Thailand launched it, PT Honda Prospect Motor launched the 2018 Honda HR-V facelift at the Gaikindo International Auto Show. “Honda HR-V is a global model that has been well received by consumers in various countries, and won many prestigious awards. Honda presents its newest model to meet consumer needs for a modern, tough and stylish compact crossover, “Takehiro Watanabe, President Director of PT HPM.

In the 2018 Honda HR-V facelift, one of the flagship variants is the 1.5 Special Edition model. This model combines the economic value of 1,500 cc engine variants with features and a more luxurious 1.8 Prestige model.

The nuances and characteristics of the previous Honda HR-V, still felt on the outer body. Even so, the exterior design of the 2018 Honda HR-V 1.5 Special Edition is equipped with several major changes, especially on the front and side fascia.

New face is now packed with more fierce, especially on the front grille panel that uses a wider and thicker design, as the background of the Honda logo. Other changes were also felt in aspects of lighting that used LED headlights similar to the Honda Civic and Fog Lamp with LED Strips design. These changes, seem to successfully strengthen the masculine and futuristic charm of the front fascia.

Spread to the side, firm strokes stretching in the middle and large Fenders, still used in the latest models. This seems intentional, so that the masculine charm of HR-V is still attached to this latest model. The change from the side body is only felt from the new rim design, the Two-Tone 5-Spoke with a dimension of 17 inches.

Different changes were also felt from the stern sector which presents an extended chrome list integrated with both of its LED lights. So that, it can provide a luxurious and classy charm for anyone to see.

The atmosphere in the cabin space, still looks the same as the previous version. The dominance of black throughout the dashboard, carrying a minimalist message but equipped with powerful features. The highest variant is the RS, equipped with a 7-inch Head Unit that is capable of operating music, video and radio. As for coolness problems, the Honda HR-V 1.5 Special Edition 2018 is still equipped with the Automatic Air Conditinoning (AC) feature so you can adjust the cabin temperature automatically.

Speaking of the transmission lever, the performance is fairly smooth by adopting CVT. Even on the steering wheel, the Paddle Shifters feature is able to provide a sporty driving sensation for the riders. With these concoctions, the Honda HR-V 1.5 Special Edition 2018 is capable of being used in urban areas and mountainous terrain. Unfortunately this runway kitchen is still the same as the model before the facelift. From the driving side it was almost no different. Although the suspension swing feels a little soft when Cintamobil.com tests this Honda HR-V 1.5 Special Edition 2018. We from Cintamobil.com have confirmed to Honda Prospect Motor whether there is a change in the suspension part, especially at the rear suspension spring rate. It turns out that there is no change in the suspension. But it was pointed out that the changes to the tire compound were used more softly on the walls.

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