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Kawasaki is ready to launch ‘Young Brother” from Ninja H2

The global full fairing sport super motorbike market is currently being dominated by several brands, such as Kawasaki. However, Kawasaki itself still paved the way to explore the market more broadly by releasing several variants that were “cheaper” than the main variants.

It is also increasingly evident from the news that mentions if Kawasaki itself will launch the younger brother of the Ninja H2 flagship model in 2019. The Brother of the world’s fastest motorbike is claimed to be carrying the name Kawasaki Ninja S2.

Meanwhile, based on a report revealed from the Motosaigon, it was mentioned that Ninja S2 is expected to be a commensurate replacement for Ninja 650. While on the other hand, according to the Young Machine magazine, the Kawasaki Ninja S2 is rumored to be using a 650 cc engine with the addition of a supercharger feature. This technology is important in this machine because it can boost power output.

On the one hand, it is strongly predicted that Ninja S2 which will launch in 2019 will reportedly carry a 4 cylinder engine in a capacity of 650 cc. With that engine, many speculate that the Ninja H2’s sport motorbike is expected to reach 135 hp. In other words, this power is greater than the 2019 version of the Ninja ZX-6R which is equipped with 128 hp.

Besides the supercharger, Ninja S2 2019 is also expected to obtain a number of modern features. Start the Upside Down front suspension and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) security features as a motorized package.

Unfortunately, for the clarity of the specifications and prices of this Kawasaki Ninja S2, it is still unknown. In fact, the Kawasaki itself still hasn’t given much code related to this new model.

Then, regarding the news of the launch of the Kawasaki Ninja S2, of course this motor sport is certain to be a strong competitor for the latest generation YZF-R6 and the latest generation of Honda CBR650R which may also be introduced in 2019.

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