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Latest Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Model 2018

The SUV market is still a segment that has been targeted by car manufacturers. Not without reason, given the increasing global interest, the producers always pinned the latest innovations to attract the hearts of potential customers. Like the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Because, recently Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has officially launched the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Elite Edition. It is necessary to note that this SUV model is the last variant of Mitsubishi’s most popular models which are at a new higher level. That is, this variant is the most expensive.

In addition, based on the quote from ThaiPR, the limited edition version has an improved exterior and interior appearance.

“The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an extraordinary model, which offers performance, technology, security, functionality and an unmatched driving experience. As our effort to be at the forefront, we have taken the step of increasing the Pajero Sport with superior elegance and components. “This car was built to inspire success in your own way,” said President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, Morikazu Chokki.

In addition, according to rumors, this Pajero Sport Elite Edition model will come in two versions, namely the 2WD and 4WD variants. Meanwhile on the one hand, for the appearance of the exterior itself is offered in two colors, Jet Black Mica and White Pearl.

In more detail, the Jet Black Mica variant will carry a premium display that seems much more aggressive, with additional accessories including writing on the hood, black front grille, black underlay, black roof rail, rear spoiler, exhaust finisher, under-garnish rear black, and 18-inch black rim.

As for the White Pearl variant, the emphasis is on the luxurious style concept and sporty touch with two-tone finishing. Using the roof of the Jet Black Mica which is in stark contrast to the same body color and accessories.For the price itself, the official price of the Pajero Sport Elite Edition will soon be sold at prices starting at THB 1,459,000 or the equivalent of 44,090 USD to the highest variant of THB 1,594,000 or 47,085 USD. This price is more expensive around 8,500 usd for the standard Pajero Sport on the Thai market

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