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Latest Nissan Leaf Nismo RC 2019 with futuristic

Leaf Technology owned by Nissan is applied to Nismo RC. The engine gets electric power from a revolutionary lithium-ion battery. Without the need for oxygen, the engine is capable of perfect combustion even though it runs in high mountain areas which in fact have very thin oxygen levels.

At that time, Nismo RC was still using a carbon-based chassis that managed to cut body weight by 40%. From the speed record, Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is able to carve acceleration from 0-100 Km/Hour in just 6.85 seconds.

As promised by Nissan, the All-New Leaf Nismo RC has just been launched on December 2, 2018 at the Nismo Festival, Fuji International Speedway. It seems clear that many things change than the figure of its predecessor starting from the exterior, the All Wheel Drive (AWD) drive mode to engine performance. Yes, Nissan claims the latest Nismo RC speed has doubled compared to its predecessor. For more detailed information, let’s review the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC 2019.

From the front side, the iconic Nissan V-Motion Grille is displayed so as to explain who the company is behind this aggressive model. It is clearly implied that this kind of Grille is commonly found in other Nissan models. The Grille brings together the two LED lights so that it gives more sporty essence than its predecessor. This was also supported by the appearance of Bonnet which was made even longer in order to give a more aggressive feel to Nismo RC.

The body length now has a dimension of 4,546 mm with a height of 1,212 mm, making it look more proportional. As if it is appropriate to define a Nissan-style RC car compared to its predecessor which has a height of 300 mm. The sporty essence is also displayed on the side body that applies the NISMO Red accent. The same thing was applied to the wheel circumference, giving a more aggressive order. Even at a glance, the Nismo RC seems to adopt a design similar to the Nissan Formula E.

The rear body segment is armed with spoilers that can be adjusted automatically. Like most RC cars, the Spoiler feature provides more aerodynamic performance to increase the acceleration produced by the engine. On the other hand, we are quite fond of serving Tail Lights on the rear body that looks slanted but looks aggressive.

Not as strong as the exterior, the interior atmosphere of Nismo RC was designed to be empty. Yes, we understand that this one model is designed for racing needs. All buttons that support its performance are neatly pinned to the center of the dashboard.

If our prediction is true that the Nismo RC 2019 uses an interior similar to its predecessor, it is certain that the steering wheel is still less responsive. Yes, many automotive observers say that the Nismo RC steering wheel feels heavy when driven. The design is only a frame with three crossbar mode.

The seat line is only equipped with two like a racing car. The design of the chair itself was made in red with a white patterned NISMO accent. The comfort essence itself is supported with strong quality fabrics.

The most impressive thing to be introduced in this model lies in the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC 2019 engine operation. In fact many people call it the ‘Green Car’ because of its environmentally friendly engine performance, Zero Emission. Given this model uses 100% electric, Nismo RC presents two electric motors pinned at each end of the chassis.

The two motors use the EM57 code which can provide a total power surge of 240 kW and torque performance above the average of 640 Nm. When compared with its predecessor, its engine performance has now doubled. This can take 3.4 seconds to reach 0-100 Km/Hour. Unlike the predecessor, who was able to record a record of 6.85 seconds. Good Job, Nissan.

As the first electric racing car in the world, Nissan Leaf Nismo RC seems to be improving. Starting from the exterior it looks more aggressive, changing the drive mode to AWD to increase the acceleration performance of the two electric motors. In fact, the update is now as successful as it can be seen that the acceleration has doubled compared to the previous model. From this side, Nissan seems to be serious about the vision of its electric racing car. As if to prove that the electric car as a figure of the future is not inferior to gasoline and diesel powered cars.

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