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Prediction, mobile will be cheaper in 2019

Issues regarding the end of the Energy Efficient and Affordable Four-Wheeled Vehicle (KBH2) or cheap car program are increasingly interesting to discuss. Having the opportunity to meet Toyota Indonesia, it turns out they have pocketed the picture, if this program will end 2019.

Not that the car is extinct, it’s just that the tax incentives given by the Government for the low cost geen car (LCGC) status are not 100 percent. It could be said that the price was near normal. Toyota currently markets the Agya model, the Ayla twin developed by Daihatsu.

“If we ask about our research and predictions regarding LCGC, the government will implement new regulations in 2019 which will replace LCGC,” said Fransiscus Soerjopranoto, Executive GM Marketing of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM).

Soerjo added, even so, the final decision was still in the hands of the government. However, it is certainly not immediately implemented, but will be given a transition period of perhaps one or two years to adjust.

“So the government also provides space for industry players to prepare, if they really want to make changes so we can survive. Not all of us immediately die, because the bad thing is when the government forces the implementation directly, it’s up to you or not, “said Soerjo.

As with many experiences, Toyota-Daihatsu has always been the foremost in terms of implementing regulations. Even when efforts to transition LCGC programs have been reduced, Toyota (in particular) has installed horses as early as possible.

“If TAM has been sniffed, then we have prepared it from now on,” Soerjo said.
The question is, the product presented is a new model or modification?
“It could be that the new model could also be a modification, according to the regulations. If there is a choice, we tend to take the modification of the old model, because the cost will be lower, and the time is fast, at the most one year, so 2020 can start. Meanwhile, if the new model costs more development, and the time is also long, said Soerjo.

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