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Toyota Immerses BMW Engine in the Latest Generation Supra

The news about the presence of the latest generation Toyota Supra is increasingly widespread. And even recently rumors say that the latest Toyota Supra will use a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine in line. Where, the runway or mechanical heart used is actually not made by Toyota alone, but rather the result of collaboration with other luxury car manufacturers, BMW. This can not be separated from cooperation with BMW.

Because, if the flashback in 2007 ago, Toyota and BMW signed an agreement for the development of a joint sports car. The result, a six-cylinder inline engine, is the same used in the latest BMW Z4 M40i and M340i. Indeed, it does not rule out the possibility that this would disappoint some Supra fans, who are very sensitive to the use of non-original components.

However, there are strong and logical reasons considering that this time the use of BMW engines on the latest Toyota Supra model is not without reason. According to Tetsuya Tada as the chief engineer of Toyota Supra, as with the report reported by Motor1 (20/13) it was said that this was precisely triggered by consumer demand. Where, many consumers actually want an inline 6 cylinder engine.

Not without reason, considering the previous four generations also carry this type of machine that seems to be a characteristic of Supra that should not be eliminated. Toyota also wants to make it happen, but the step of producing its own machine, it turns out to be less profitable in terms of business. Of course, this is because the Toyota Supra model is not a product intended as a volume maker. Therefore, the use of the machine that works with BMW is the most reasonable decision.

Not only the engine, the 8-speed automatic transmission system also comes from BMW. Even so, the heart of the runway is still tuned by the Toyota team, in order to adjust to the design of the car.

So what is the energy output?
About the power of the kitchen, Toyota itself also had time to confirm that the latest Supra will have more than 300 Tk of power. It’s just that, for the exact number of bursts of power produced is still unknown.

Even so, however, it seems that when tracing and seeing a 3.0-liter engine on the Z4 M40i which glides first in 2018, the power output is 382 Tk and has a torque of 500 Nm. It could be that the Supra power will exceed that number.

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