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Toyota Soon Launch Hilux Black Rally Edition

The passion for selling Toyota cars on the global market has never died. In fact, some good segments MPV, SUV, crossover, and supercar also dominate the global car market. Of course, this is a very proud achievement for this competitor manufacturer Honda.

Regarding the stretch of Toyota that has so much influence in the global automotive industry, the Japanese manufacturer is reportedly preparing to release its new car. Where, will prepare the Hilux Black Rally Edition which will be released at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019. As with the report cited from Autoevolution, this version can not only add body kits, but also increase suspension.

Meanwhile on the other hand, not much different from Hilux GR Sport for Brazil, this mid-size pickup also has a skit plate, dual exhaust with chrome touch, sports bar, and around the fog light gets red.

It didn’t stop there, even for other TRD features, it was also visible on the side decal, side foothold, and black double-spoke alloy wheels. But the engine remains the same as before.

As for the matter of the performance of the kitchen itself, the entry-level variant in Japan uses a 2.4 L diesel engine with SCR and turbocharging nozzle technology. Where, the engine used is only capable of reaching 148 hp and 400 Nm of torque. It’s just that, unfortunately, the machine is like it can’t compensate for the increasingly attractive appearance of the Hilux.

Nevertheless it’s just the fact that it speaks differently. Because, until this moment Toyota managed to market the Hilux in various markets, except North America. Even Hilux sales in Australia outperformed Ford.

Apart from all that, indeed for the Toyota market in the global segment is fairly wide. So, whatever the car segment is, while still carrying the “Toyota” brand, it is certain that it will still be able to steal the market. So, no wonder if until this moment, Toyota products are always at the forefront of providing the latest innovations.

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