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Yamaha Central Works the Latest Byson

Yamaha is known to quite often carry out various updates on its motorbike. Unmitigated, some changes in the motorbike he worked on also often received a positive response from the public.

Related to Yamaha’s habits, one news danced that some time later, Bollywood local media was shocked by the appearance of a new motorbike that was carrying out a road test in the Noida City area, India. The motorbike is claimed to be a strong facelift model.

It was increasingly confirmed about the news about the launch of a new motorbike from the manufacturer bearing the tuning fork. Moreover, along with the appearance of the facelift model on the street, now there was also a press conference invitation received by Indianautosblog from Yamaha Motor India.

Interestingly, in the invitation also explained the concept of the event which carried the theme “Get ready to have your heart racing and experience a rush of Adrenaline and Excitement”. Therefore, it is not surprising if now a lot of speculation has emerged, including the prediction of the naked motorcycle.

In fact, there are those who provide strong predictions that it is likely that the motorbike will become a 150cc FZ variant.

Not without reason considering when we look at a glance, indeed in the matter of appearance, this latest model made by Yamaha looks like there is a large tank that is characteristic of Byson so far. Then, the tandem type seat is also still used with the back not too menungging.

Despite this, but until now there is still no official release from Yamaha India which states the truth of the rumor. However, if it really is going to be the latest version of Byson, of course this news will be very much awaited by the naked-bike enthusiasts of the country.

Please note that since officially launched in 2010 ago, Yamaha Byson has been refreshed several times. Last in 2013 and there has been no recent update about the newest figure.

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